Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Final Post

This will be my last post to this blog.  I first want to thank everyone who came to Jen's memorial party.  It meant a lot to me to be able to honor Jen's final wishes and I appreciate everyone who attended.

Although this will be the final post, I will keep the blog live for those who ever wish to revisit it.  It really is a timeline of Jen's last several years full of wonderful photos, memories, and heartache as well.  I would also like to thank again everyone who helped out over the years.  We were blessed to have so many amazing friends who were there for us again and again.  I also wish to send a special thank you to my parents who have been there for us in so many ways over the last several years.  Lastly I would like to thank those of you who followed this blog over the years, sharing in our journey.  I wish I had never had cause to start this blog, but I believe it has helped me a little as well.  I mourn for Jen every day, but I am grateful that we got to share our lives together.

Lastly, I will be walking again this year to raise money for brain cancer on Sunday, November 17.  Two years ago Jen organized a team (Jen's Walking Warriors) to walk in this event and raise money for brain cancer research.  I have kept the team name and wish to make it an annual tradition.  I hope we can gather a large group together in the LA area to walk in Jen's memory.  For those who cannot participate directly please donate if you can.  The money raised for this event goes directly towards research and the money our team raises goes specifically to UCLA, which was Jen's primary treatment facility.  Hopefully together we can contribute in a small way to helping eradicate this disease so no one else has to suffer from it.  Anyone who would like to participate by either joining me for the walk or making a donation, please follow the link below.

As this is the final post, anyone who cannot participate or contribute this year, but may wish to do so in future years please email me at jenswalkingwarriors@gmail.com so that I can compile a list to get the word out in future years.  I have also set up a facebook group for Jens Walking Warriors.  You can access it through Jen's Facebook.  Just send a message to her account that you would like to be part of this group and I will add you.

Jen's Walking Warriors - 2017

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