Thursday, June 2, 2016

Another Stable Scan!!

This one is quite the sigh of relief.  Jen's scan was stable!  It has now been a little over 21 months since diagnosis.  As far as the seizures, Jen has not had any further since Monday.  Jen's neuro oncologist believes that with the stable scan her seizures speak more to her seizure medications than anything else.  He said that perhaps her current medication regime is just enough to keep her from seizing, and any slight variation or stress might be enough to cause a seizure.  Perhaps she has built up a slight tolerance to her present medication level.  In any case we are hoping to not have to increase her medication as the seizure meds definitely increase fatigue and dull the thoughts a little.  Obviously if she has another we will probably not have a choice.

We have made another appointment with the seizure specialty department at UCLA, but unfortunately they don't have any appointments for over 2 months.  This is something we went through at the very beginning before we had a diagnosis.  We tried to get appointments with specialists and were on 3 month waiting lists, even though Jen was having uncontrolled seizures several times a day.  The only way we were able to accelerate anything was through going to the emergency room.  Hopefully we won't need to do this again.

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes.  We are grateful for all the love and support and extremely thankful that Jen is doing as well as she is.