Thursday, January 11, 2018

Stable Scan!!!

Jen’s scan today was stable!!!  She took her last dose of antibiotic yesterday and seems to be on the mend.  If her blood work holds she will resume chemo on Tuesday.  Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes.  This is a great way to bring in the new year!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Awaiting Jen's next scan and recovering from a second flu

On my last post I mentioned that we were hoping Jen's sickness would improve so that she could resume chemo on time.  Fortunately, she recovered enough to begin the chemo on schedule.  After recovering from the chemo, Jen unfortunately got sick again.  She seems to finally be on the mend.  She did start a round of antibiotics, which we have been hesitant to do since antibiotics can weaken the immune system, especially as her illness was most likely viral.  But if her sickness had continued to progress and it was or became bacterial, she wouldn't be able to start her next cycle of chemo on time.
     Jen has pretty much been housebound for about a month now between the two illnesses and the chemo.  Other than some doctors appointments and blood draws, I think Jen got out of the house only three times.  On Christmas we did drive around for a little while to look at some houses lit up.  One of our neighbors had even driven to the snow and brought back a truck full of it to spread on their front yard.  It of course didn't last for more than a day.  We also saw the new Star Wars and managed to attend 1 concert.  In the audience for the concert was one of Jen's favorite musicians - Lucinda Williams.  I took a picture of the two of them and Jen and she shared an amazing very prolonged hug that lasted a few minutes.
     Jen is definitely hoping to be through with being sick for a while, even though she will hopefully be starting another round of chemo next week.  Jen's next scan is this Thursday.  As always, please keep Jen in your thoughts and prayers as we hope for good results.  We both hope everyone had a great time over the holidays and wish everyone a happy New Year!

Chuck Prophet on stage
Jen with Chuck Prophet after the show

Jen with Lucinda Williams